PhD Students

PhD students

We are seeking  highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals who are interested in pursuing a PhD in Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics. The focus of the PhD will be on developing innovative computational methods to derive new insights from large-scale mining of big genomics data. My goal is to help the candidate publish at least one paper as first- or co-first author by the end of his/her PhD.

While a candidate with some computational background (i.e. Linux command line, knowledge of at least one programming language like Python/Perl/C/Java/etc, or statistical language like R) is preferred, we are also happy to consider applications from highly motivated individuals without any computational background. All necessary training the candidate requires during the course of his/her PhD would be provided.

While we have some direct openings for PhD students who are interested in doing a PhD in computational genomics and bioinformatics under the NUS Research Scholarship scheme, PhD students are however also encouraged to apply for other sources of funding  as they may offer more competitive terms, and could also add to the candidate’s academic CV. Some sources of funding to consider are:

NUS Graduate School of Integrative Sciences (ISEP)
NUS President’s Graduate Fellowship
NUS Dean’s Graduate Fellowship
NUS-SINGA Scholarship
NUS Graduate Tutor Scheme
AI Singapore Scholarship

A more comprehensive list of scholarships at the university level and at the faculty level is as indicated. Candidates should also note the departmental requirements for admission.

If you are interested, please reach out directly to me with your CV at