Research Assistants

Bioinformatics Research Assistants | Computational Biologists

We have openings for Bioinformatics Research Assistants | Computational Biologists. The emphasis of the work would be in developing and applying computational methods to big genomics data to address the key research aims stipulated on our lab webpage.

Individuals who like to build up their CV / clear bond / gain additional research experiences / etc. before applying for a PhD program overseas or locally are especially encouraged to apply. For candidates who like to do a PhD overseas in particular, my goal is to help the candidate generate at least one publication as co-author during his/her stint in the lab. Depending on the duration of the candidate’s tenure in the lab, there is also a possibility for the candidate to publish his/her work as first author or co-first author.

While individuals with some programming background is preferred (i.e. Linux command line, programming language like Python/Perl/C/Java/etc, or a statistical language like R), we are also happy to consider highly motivated individuals without a computational background.

Due to institutional hiring policies, candidates will need to hold at least a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree for this role.

If you are interested, please reach out directly to me with your CV at